MyPanini™ website allows you to create your own card and become the first player of your collection!!

Personalize your card by selecting a template, a logo, and a playing position.  Then simply insert your name and save your creation!

You can choose the position and personalize the front/back of your own card. Defense = Goalkeeper/Defender  Attack = Midfielder/Forward. Click the 'x' button if you don't want to choose a position

Discover how to create your personal card to collect into the binder.

Click here to find out how easy it is  

Creating and ordering your real MyPanini™ Adrenalyn XL™  you will receive a unique code that you can enter in the proper section of the online challenge application. Activating this code, you will be able to use your personalized card in the online challenge like a real footballer. The power of your card will increase depending on the pecentage of the Adrenalyn XL™ activated cards.